Math Teacher Earns Ticket to Prague By Winning PokerStars Bootcamp Showdown

Math Teacher Earns Ticket to Prague By Winning PokerStars Bootcamp Showdown

Former math teacher turned licensing consultant Louise Ulrick may have a third career ahead of her after she took down the Women's Bootcamp Showdown at PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) Cyprus to win a full package to EPT Prague in December.

The United Kingdom resident was one of the ten finalists who flew to Cyprus for the PokerStars x Poker Power Womens Bootcamp Showdown, the culmination of a Womens Bootcamp aimed at mentoring women wishing to excel in poker.

Ulrick put her math skills to good use on Oct. 18 as she navigated the ten-handed final table before finding herself heads-up against Katie Hopkins before besting the American to win the Prague package. Ulrick's poker prowess will be further put to the test in December as she battles with top pros at the winter EPT stop.

We hadnt talked much about heads-up play, but its quite exhilarating," Ulrick told PokerNews. "And Ive played a lot online, and you, of course, dont get the crowds So thats quite exhilarating, that entertainment, if that makes sense It was an unexpected buzz, really.

Meet The Women's Bootcamp Showdown Finalists!

Bootcamp Showdown Results

1Louise UlrickUnited Kingdom
2Katie HopkinsUnited States
3Laura LebaillyFrance
4Sabrina ChevannesUnited Kingdom
5Drea ReneeUnited States
6Katerena NowosadUnited Kingdom
7Yvonne MaiGermany
8Jenny LarsenUnited States
9Patrice GordonUnited Kingdom
10Ines LafosseArgentina

"Play Decent Poker"

Ulrick called winning the Showdown event an "amazing" experience and the perfect cap to the Boot Camp with nine newly acquired friends.

I think what was amazing was the whole journey that we were offered," said Ulrick. "The teaching, the boot camp. Because you sign up for things and you need some sort of focus, some sort of motivation, so obviously theres a prize, you come to Cyprus. And then theres a further prize (the trip to Prague). So its been nicely structured and its been very nicely managed.

As her fellow Boot Camp fialists slowly dropped off including Ines Lafosse, Patrice Gordon and Jenny Larsen Ulrick folded patiently as she waited for something playable to land in front of her.

I would have to say I didnt have very good cards for a long time," she said. "And I folded, folded, folded; got a pair of kings, three big blinds, I go in and everyone goes Oh my god, she has something and folds!'"

"I had quite a small stack and it was just keeping in my head play decent poker."

Next Step In Ulrick's Poker Journey

Ulrick's patience paid off, and, before she knew it, the final table was dwindling down with the eliminations of Katerena Nowosad, Drea Renee and Sabrina Chevannes.

And then time went very quickly, and then Im thinking, Oh actually, Ive got the second biggest stack. I could be second here if I just let them go out.

After France's Laura Lebailly fell in third place, Ulrick found herself heads-up against Hopkins as the two battled it out for the winner-take-all prize. After the long and tumultuous heads-up confrontation, it was Ulrick who came out on top to win the coveted trip to Prague.

I didnt think Id win, so winning is amazing," said Ulrick. "The package looks fabulous, and it was generous and exciting.

Ulrick, who celebrated her victory with PokerStars ambassador Jen Shahade and the nine finalists, told PokerNews that she is excited to continue her poker journey at the next EPT stop.

Its a structured next step on a journey; its something I wouldnt be able to do without having won it, so thats exciting. And again, it gives me my next goal. So I need to be in the casinos playing live, find some live tournaments, even cash games but still do a lot of reading, so my theory is still strong.


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