Tom Hall outlasts 10,005 Opponents to Win the PokerStars Sunday Million

Tom Hall outlasts 10,005 Opponents to Win the PokerStars Sunday Million

British star Tom "Jabracada" Hall pushed his recorded online poker tournament winnings towards $5.6 million after taking down the latest edition of the PokerStars Sunday Million. Some 10,006 players bought in for $109 and created a $1,000,600 prize, with Hall walking away with $82,079 of that princely sum, with bounty payments included.

With bounties included, none of the nine PokerStars players who navigated their way to the final table could win less than $9,640. That is the sum now nestled in the account of Kazakhstan's "p1amor," the ninth-place finisher.

Belarusian "Heretic66688" fell in eighth for $12,504, with "L.vBethoven" turning their $109 investment into a much more substantial $14,563. Sixth place and $17,301 went to "mhugge" before "FirstSamurai" busted in fifth for a $19,280 addition to their bankroll.

Hall edged closer to an impressive victory when "Lordof0512" crashed out in fourth, a finish good for $31,734, and closer still when the tournament progressed to the heads-up stage after the untimely demise of "RulerPro," who secured a $39,473 payout.

Brazil's Guilherme "GZingano" Zingano was the only player standing between Hall and the Sunday Million title. Both players guaranteed themselves over $52,500 from the main prize pool, leaving the large final bounties to play for. Hall defeated his Brazilian opponent, leaving the runner-up to bank $60,072 in total, and locking in an $82,079 score for himself.

$109 Sunday Million Final Table Results

RankPlayerCountryBountiesPrizeTotal Prize
1Tom "Jabracada" HallUnited Kingdom$29,484$52,595$82,079
2Guilherme "GZingano" ZinganoBrazil$7,484$52,588$60,072
5FirstSamuraiUnited Kingdom$417$18,863$19,280
7L.v.BethovenCzech Republic$5,491$9,072$14,563

Hall is one of the most consistent tournament pros in the world. He has racked up countless live and online poker results over the past 18 months, including a live victory in the GUKPT Luton Main Event (90,965), a third-place in a $500 No Limit Hold'em Turbo online event at the 2023 WSOP ($41,048), and becoming a WSOP bracelet winner by triumphing in the $500 No-Limit Hold'em Deepstack online event ($176,920).

Lefrancois Victorious in the Titans Event as Neymar Cashes Again

This weekend's Titans Event at PokerStars drew in 53 entries, who established a $265,000 prize pool. Only the top six finishers won a slice of that pie, so spare a moment to think about the seventh-place finisher and unfortunate "bubble boy" Niklas "Lena900" Astedt.

As is usually the case, the final table of the Titans Event was a star-studded affair, but the player who busted in sixth was a superstar outside of poker. Brazilian soccer ace, Neymar "neymar-jr" Jr who has been playing plenty of online poker at PokerStars while recovering from an ACL injury, bowed out in sixth for $14,016, the latest in several deep runs by the PokerStars ambassador.

Fifth place and $20,471 went to Neymar's fellow Brazilian Yuri "theNERDguy" Dzivielevski before David "MissOracle" Yan's world came crashing down, and he had to make do with the $29,900 fourth-place prize.

Canada's "Stumpfed" was eliminated in third for $43,670, which left Bruno "great dant" Volkmann heads-up against French-Canadian Pascal "Pass_72" Lefrancois. Either player would have made a worthy champion, but the nature of tournament poker meant there had to be a runner-up. Volkmann was that man, his second-place finish coming with $63,782. Lefrancois took down the Titans Event and saw $93,157 land in his PokerStars account.

$5,200 Titans Event Final Table Results

1Pascal "Pass_72" LefrancoisCanada$93,157
2Bruno "Pass_72" VolkmannBrazil$63,782
4David "MissOracle" YanNew Zealand$29,900
5Yuri "theNERDguy" DzivielevskiBrazil$20,471
6Neymar "Neymar-jr" JrBrazil$14,016

"Grindmaster" Emerges Victoriously in the PartyPoker Sunday Party

The PartyPoker player known as "Grindmaster" is almost $11,000 richer than a couple of days ago courtesy of coming out on top in the $100,000 guaranteed Sunday Party. The Sunday Party is a $109 buy-in two-day PKO event, which this week saw 984 players buy-in; "Grindmaster" outlasted them all.

It was a case of four-figure scores all round at the nine-handed final table, not least because five of those finalists secured $1,000+ from the bounty prize pool.

Sixth-place finisher "Mrpotatohead." Won a combined prize worth $2,616, of which $1,243 was from the 14 bounties they collected before busting. "Darth Sirius," the fourth-place finisher, netted $3,884 in total, with "justfknhold" banking $5,959.

Michel Molenaar Crowned PartyPoker Irish Poker Festival Main Event ChampionMichel Molenaar Crowned PartyPoker Irish Poker Festival Main Event Champion

The other two players who helped themselves to four-figure bounty payments were the heads-up duo: "Grindmaster" and "Knopfnusuesser." Both secured more than $6,000 from the main prize pool, and both had been actively eliminating foes on their way to the final showdown.

"Grindmaster" captured the all-important final elimination, and saw $4,826 worth of scalps added to the $6,049 regular prize pool prize, for a combined score weighing in at $10,875. The runner-up headed into the night with a still respectable $8,691.

$100,000 Sunday Party Final Table Results

RankPlayerBountiesPrizeTotal Prize
4Darth Sirius$1,284$2,600$3,884

"roblanot737" Turns $22 Into $4,069 with Sunday Carnival Victory

The $22 buy-in $30,000 guaranteed Sunday Carnival recently switched to a new format, where the tournament runs over a single day instead of two, and the first three levels span 20-minutes each before dropping to seven-minutes. The change looks popular, with 1,673 entrants ensuring the guarantee was surpassed by $3,460.

With bounties included, four players turned their affordable $22 buy-in into four-figure hauls.

"Alien1212" banked $1,275 for their fifth-place finish, "Madds7" reeled in a $1,486 score after busting in fourth, and the heads-up duo of "roblanot737" and "Lisa521" also won big.

"Lisa521" fell at the final hurdle, their second-place finish coming with a $1,962 score. While a great prize for a $22 investment, it was less than half the $4,069 "roblanot737" received thanks, in part, to the champion claiming the tournament lives of 15 opponents before snatching the victory.

Sunday Carnival Final Table Results

RankPlayerBountiesPrizeTotal Prize
8New folder$144$240$384


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