Alexander Tkatschew Tops the Record-Breaking 1,100 Eureka Main Event at EPT Prague (511,710)

Alexander Tkatschew Tops the Record-Breaking 1,100 Eureka Main Event at EPT Prague (511,710)

Alexander Tkatschew has just conquered the record-breaking 4,403-player field in the 1,100 Eureka Main Event at the 2023 PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) Prague to earn 511,710 of the 4,226,880 prize pool.

Tkatschew is no stranger to victory, though, as he has just come off a first-place victory of $432,090 at EPT Cyprus, defeating 59 runners in the $25,000 No-limit Hold'em.

"It feels very good. They are very long days and a lot of fun," said the newly crowned champion. "I like the structure and the field. It's a very good tournament."

Tkatschew came to the final table with the plan to play tight in the beginning and then adapt to the players. "You have to know to play tighter against one player but looser against the other."

1,100 Eureka Main Event Final Table Results

1Alexander TkatschewAustria511,710
2Remigiusz Wyrzykiewiczoland306,790
3Catalin MoraruRomania219,120
4Miroslav FormanCzechia168,570
5Eduardo PereiraPortugal129,680
6Ercan AtmacaNetherlands99,750
7Viktor JensenSweden76,720
8Radek JantosCzechia59,010

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Day 4 Action

The day began with nine players, and although there were plenty of chips going into the center of the table, nobody seemed to want to bust. A bit of controversy came in the first two hours as Wyrzykiewicz thought PLAYER="ercan-atmaca"Ercan Atmaca/PLAYER had called his river bet when he showed his pocket aces too early, pausing the clock for an official ruling.

Ironically, it was only a few hands later that he had aces once again, earning the first casualty of the day when he eliminated Antonino Venneri, who had also had an overpair on the eight-high board.

Next to hit the rail, finishing in eighth was Radek Jantos. His ace-king couldn't get there against Eduardo Pereira's pocket queens.

Viktor Jensen was sent to the payout desk in seventh place when he shoved less than ten big blinds with jack-ten and ran into the ace-high of Wyrzykiewicz.

Atmaca found himself extremely short-stacked after losing a flip to Miroslav Forman and began to battle back as he doubled once, but failed to double again when he shoved jack-deuce suited and was called by Forman's ace-king.

Pereira had an unlucky finish to the tournament as his ace-jack failed to hold against Moraru's king-nine, leaving him with fewer than two big blinds. On his final hand, he flopped two pair but was straightened out by Wyrzykiewicz

Finishing third with an impressive ladder up throughout the day, after being short for the first five hours, was Moraru. Hiis final chips went in with pocket sixes against the eventual champion.

After an eventful day, it was Wyrzykiewicz who finished as the runner-up despite being atop of the counts for large parts of the final table.

He missed his straight and flush draw heads-up to find himself short-stacked. A few hands later, his pocket sixes lost to nines for Tkatschew to claim victory.


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