Ben Wilinofsky Wins WSOP Paradise Event #8: Online Mystery Bounty PLO

Ben Wilinofsky Wins WSOP Paradise Event #8: Online Mystery Bounty PLO

The 2023 WSOP Paradise is in full swing now with three bracelets awarded, three bracelet events underway, and nine yet to start.

The latest bracelet to find its forever wrist went to Ben Wilinofsky of Canada for his victory in Event #8: Mystery Bounty Pot-Limit Omaha (Online). As well as pocketing $113,079 for his first-place finish, Wilinovsky also drew $26,300 in bounties for a win of $139,379.

The $2,200 buy in event attracted 668 entries for a prize pool of $1,336,000. Half of this cash went to the mystery bounty pool, half to the positional payouts.

WSOP Paradise Event #8: Mystery Bounty Pot-Limit Omaha (Online) Final Table Results

1Ben WilinofskyCanada$113,079$26,300$139,379
2Asheque ElahiBangladesh$81,758$3,600$85,358
3Elias HaralaFinland$59,113$61,800$120,913
4Santtu LeinonenFinland$42,740$144,000$186,740
5Vadim ZakharyanUkraine$30,902$2,400$33,302
6Dante FernandesBrazil$22,342$5,400$27,742
7"IM A BIG BOY"Austria$16,154$7,100$23,254
8Adam HendrixUSA$10,587$7,200$17,787

Final Table Action

Wilinovsky came to the final table of the event with plenty of experience. His live tournament cashes date back to 2011 when he won the EPT Berlin Main Event. That makes this bracelet in Event #8 the second surmount on his triple-crown, just one more to go.

To win the bracelet, Wilinovsky had to beat an international final table sporting eight players from seven different countries.

The USA's Adam Hendrix was by far the biggest name at the final table. With $5,837,987 in live cashes and a runner-up spot in a 2017 bracelet event.

He was also the first out the door, busting in 8th place and taking home $17,787 in prizes and bounties.

Next out the door was online grinder "IM A BIG BOY" who won $23,254 in prizes and bounties.

Dante Fernandes, Vadim Zakharyan, and the two Finnish players Santtu Leinonen and Elias Harala were next, leaving Wilinofsky heads up with the Bangladeshi player, Asheque Elahi.

Wilinofsky was able to close the deal, taking down the event and putting the first bracelet on his wrist.

Elahi won $10,587 for his second place finish plus $7,200 in bounties for $17,787 total.


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