ClubWPT Qualifier Luis Gutierrez Ready to Take on WPT World Championship

ClubWPT Qualifier Luis Gutierrez Ready to Take on WPT World Championship

With 25 years of experience playing poker, California'sLuis "LaParka" Gutierrez feels ready to take on the pros in the World Poker Tour (WPT) World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas after winning a $12,500 WPT World Championship Passport on ClubWPT.

PokerNews caught up with the information systems analyst and poker enthusiast to learn about his poker background and how he is getting ready for the record-breaking $40 million guaranteed event.

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Q&A w/ Luis Gutierrez

Can you tell us a bit about yourself (i.e. age, location, family, education, work, etc.)?

Age - 47Location - Sylmar, California Family - Married for 20 years with two boys ages 11 and 16 Education - Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems Work - Senior Information Systems Analyst for the L.A. County

PokerNews: How did you get your nickname?

Luis Gutierrez: I got LaParka from a Mexican wrestler with that name. I resonated with his character because he was fun, he had great agility in his matches, and because I have been blessed to have cheated death a handful of times!

When and how did you learn to play poker?

I have 25 years of poker experience, mainly play home games for fun and cash games at the Commerce Casino once a month. I first started learning to play Mexican poker first through my family but learned Texas Hold'em while watching tournaments on TV and fell in love with the game.

How long have you been a member of ClubWPT and what inspired you to join in the first place?

I have been a member of ClubWPT for five years. I was inspired to join so I can enhance my game, learn more and play for Main Event qualifiers such as the WPT main event tournament.

Have you had any other success with ClubWPT? If so, when and where?

I won second place ($500 price) for one of the Sunday 4K events in 2020.

"Im really looking forward to playing some hands against some of the best poker pros in the world."

Have you ever been to either a WPT event or Las Vegas before? Have you ever played in any other major poker tournaments?

I visit Las Vegas once or twice a year but have not played any live WPT events before. I played a $1,500 WSOP event in Las Vegas about ten years ago but did not cash.

Whats your proudest poker accomplishment to date?

Definitely having qualified and getting to play at the WPT World Championship Main Event this December in Las Vegas!

Aside from maybe winning, what are you most looking forward to about your upcoming WPT stop? Any poker pros you would like to meet? If so, why would you like to meet them?

Im really looking forward to meeting other WPT passport winners, WPT staff and playing some hands against some of the best poker pros in the world. Im so excited to play in my first Main Event!

Daniel Negreanu is my favorite poker player and someone I look up to. I like his playing style, his hand predictions, and the fact that he always looks like hes having fun at the poker table.

Which friends or family will be joining you?

My wife and a couple of close friends will be joining me.

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