Garrett Adelstein Books Another Six-Figure Win in WPT Cash Game

Garrett Adelstein Books Another Six-Figure Win in WPT Cash Game

Another day, another huge win at the poker table for Garrett Adelstein.

The Los Angeles high-stakes poker legend competed on Friday in a World Poker Tour (WPT) Cash Game live-streamed on YouTube, his second appearance this week in his return to poker for the first time in nearly 15 months.

Adelstein admitted after his Dec. 13 appearance on Bally Live Poker at Tropicana, where he won over $130,000, that he played solid but made some mistakes. In the WPT Cash Game, however, he appeared to be more on his game throughout the lengthy session.

Three Big Winners in World Poker Tour Cash Game

Adelstein wasn't the only big winner in the game. Charles Yu, a regular on Hustler Casino Live, has posted multiple massive losses in recent weeks. But the wealthy investor who entered the game in the middle of the session, bought in for $100,000 and ended the stream with $431,000, the largest profit at the table.

Andrew Robl, one of the top high-stakes cash game players ever, won $188,600, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who has followed his career.

Adelstein was the second biggest winner with a $254,800 profit, bringing his overall tally to over $380,000 profit this week in his first two poker games since Sept. 29, 2022, when he infamously accused Robbi Jade Lew of cheating him out of a six-figure pot on Hustler Casino Live, a claim he still sticks behind to this day.

Coincidentally, Lew was in attendance at Wynn Las Vegas in the same room as Adelstein competing in Day 1d of the $10,400 World Poker Tour (WPT) World Championship $40 million guaranteed tournament.

Early Cooler Helps Spark Adelstein

On the second hand of the eight-hour stream, Sosia Jang opened to $1,500 from under the gun with K5. b>Han, who lost multiple buy-ins before leaving the game, called from the hijack with Q10. Adelstein, on the button with AA, made it $7,000, and Han was the only player to call.

The flop came out QA9, top set for "G-Man," who checked it back. When the 7 appeared on the turn, action checked to the set of aces, who then fired out a bet of $8,000. A call was made, and off to the river they went, which was the Q, a cooler card as it gave Han a set against aces full.

Han bet out this time for $14,000, leaving $71,000 behind. Adelstein made him play for it all and Han could not find a fold. He called it off and surrendered the $203,000 pot. Adelstein was never down at any point during the $300/$600 no-limit hold'em cash game.

He did, however, lose a chunk of his stack after being up more than $400,000 during the Stand-Up Game, a game in which the player who never wins a hand during the game pays the rest of the table a bounty.

Santhosh Suvarna, a casino owner from India who regularly plays in the highest stakes cash games, had quite a rough night. When the cameras stopped rolling, Santhosh was down $724,700, the biggest loss at the table by a wide margin.

One of the craziest hands of the day involved a three-way all in with a wild runout. Sean, with AK, put his last $66,400 in the middle against the AQ of Han and the AQ of Santhosh, both had Sean covered.

The flop came out 104Q, a bad break for Sean. But the J on the turn gave him a straight. Unfortunately, for him, the 6 on the river complete a flush for Han, who had very little good luck go his way the rest of the day. Santhosh claimed the $141,200 side pot.


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