Lucky Chewy Catches Fire to Lead Stacked WPT World Championship Final Table

Lucky Chewy Catches Fire to Lead Stacked WPT World Championship Final Table

The World Poker Tour (WPT) World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas started with 3,835 entrants, and on Tuesday just 16 players returned for Day 6 action. By the end of the night, the final table of six was established.

The players in the best spot to make a run at the $5,678,000 first-place prize is Andrew Lucky Chewy Lichtenberger, who bagged a big chip lead with 148,200,000 (124 bb). While he has a WPT Alpha8 title on his poker rsum, Lichtenberger is looking to claim his first WPT Main Tour title.

I would say in myself, Im really just making sure that Im energized enough to be able to think clearly about my decisions, Lichtenberger told the WPT earlier in the day. Not get too overly excited, because theres still a long way to go, and just trying to stay even keeled. And yeah, I guess Im looking for that in my opponents as well. Theres such an interesting dynamic as it gets deeper, where fatigue can set in.

WPT World Championship Final Table Chip Counts

SeatPlayerCountBig Blinds
1Ben Heath36,700,00031 bb
2Andrew Lichtenbeger148,200,000124 bb
3Dan Sepiol34,300,00029 bb
4Artur Martirosian29,400,00025 bb
5Georgios Sotiropoulos46,200,00039 bb
6Chris Moorman88,300,00074 bb

According to live updates from the tournament, Lichtenberger was on a heater for a good part of the day, which included a big double after flopping a set of fives.

Not long after, there was a board that read AKKAK, and Ben Jacobs, who had started the day as chip leader, decided to bluff at it. Unfortunately for him, Lichtenberger held the fourth king and picked up a healthy pot.

Minutes later, Lichtenberger looked down at pocket aces on the button and put in a raise. An unsuspecting John Richards then jammed from the small blind with king-ten suited and an ace on the flop would promptly seal his fate in 10th place for $566,900. That brought about the final table of nine players.

Lichtenberg eliminated Jacobs shortly thereafter. It happened on Hand #26 of the final table in Level 34 (600,000/1,200,000/1,200,000). That is when Jacobs jammed his last 14.2 million with two black kings and Lchtenberger called with ace-queen suits. An ace appeared on the flop and that was all she wrote for Jacobs, who took home $566,900 for his ninth-place finish.

On Hand #34 in the same level, Moorman raised to 21 million from the small blind and essentially put Carl Shaw, who was in the big blind, to the test. Shaw jammed for 23.8 million and Moorman called the additional 2.8 million with the 109.

He was behind the AK of Shaw, but Moorman locked it up with a turned straight after the board ran out 8667K. Shaw had to settle for seventh place and $928,900 while the final six players bagged for the night. The remaining six players areguaranteed $1,207,000 in prize money and action will resume with 61 minutes remaining in Level 34 (600,000/1,200,000/1,200,000).

WPT World Championship Day 6 Eliminations

7Carl Shaw$928,900
8Mark Mounsey$721,600
9Ben Jacobs$566,900
10John Richards$566,900
11Maxime Chilaud$456,500
12Jason Min$456,500
13Ade Olonoh$363,300
14Paulius Vaitiekunas$363,300
15Henrique Zanetti$291,700
16Raphael Blouet$291,700

The seventh and final day of the tournament, which will be livestreamed, will take place at 4 p.m. local time on Thursday and play down to a winner. Cards-up coverage and commentary will be on a 30-minute security delay. Once again, PokerNews will publish a recap after play concludes for the day.

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