WSOP Paradise Main Event Hands of the Week: Kabrhel Antics, Jamming into Quads & a Royal Flush

WSOP Paradise Main Event Hands of the Week: Kabrhel Antics, Jamming into Quads & a Royal Flush

The 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Paradise at the Atlantis Paradise Island in The Bahamas is comprised of 15 gold bracelet events, and PokerNews has been on-site offering live updates from the vast majority of them.

During that time, our Live Reporting Team has captured some entertaining and game-changing hands in the $5,300 Main Event, which we've decided to feature in our latest "Hands of the Week."

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WSOP Paradise Hands of the Week: Ryan Riess Bubbles & Aces Cracked By Quads... Twice!

Aguero Bends The Two-Outer

On Day 1b in Level 10 (1,000/2,000/2,000), reporter Connor Richards saw Erwann Pecheux open to 4,500 and soccer superstar Sergio Aguero three-bet jammed a stack of 53,000 behind him. Pecheux called with a bigger stack.

Sergio Aguero: AQErwann Pecheux: AK

Aguero was dominated and Matthew Wantman informed him that one of his outs was dead. "I folded king-queen," he told the table. "I was drawing dead."

The 528 flop didn't change anything, but the 2 turn created some flush and chop possibilities. "Heart! Eight!" cheered tablemate Daniel Negreanu, whose shirt was recently ripped by Martin Kabrhel "and those long nails he has."

The dealer then put down the Q river and Negreanu and others cheered as Aguero earned the double.

200 Big Blind Pot Played Without Any Pairs

In Level 4 (300/500/500) on Day 1c, Richards got a massive pot. It began when Nazar Buhaiov opened to 1,200 in early position and the button called before Nolan King three-bet to 4,200 in the small blind. Jean-Pierre van der Spuy cold-called in the big blind and both other players called.

King continued for 7,500 on the flop of 2510 and only Van der Spuy called. King then bet all in with a stack of 49,000 on the Q turn and Van der Spuy called off with a stack of 37,500.

"I need to hit something," said King.

"So do I," replied van der Spuy.

Jean-Pierre van der Spuy: A4Nolan King: K9

Neither player had a pair and Van der Spuy was ahead with ace-high to be in front of King's king-high before the A river improved him to a pair of aces for a double.

"Us two guys all in on the turn and neither of us have jack shit," laughed Van der Spuy. "I love poker!"

"I hate poker," replied King.

"Goonight!" Buckner Gets An Applause After Freerolling Parys

One level later in Level 5 (300/600/600), Richards witnessed Millionaire Maker final tablist Maxime Parys all in against the always rambunctiousSteve "Cuz" Buckner.

Maxime Parys: 1010Steve Buckner: 1010

The two players had the same hand but the 2K3 flop had "Cuz" freerolling with a flush draw. "Oh, I've got the spade draw!" he cheered. "How 'bout putting a spade out there?"

The dealer then put down the J turn to have Parys drawing dead. "Spade, right there! Goodnight!" roared Buckner as the tournament room burst into spontaneous applause. "You're all playing for second!"

The 4 river didn't change anything and Buckner wished his opponent well as he hit the rail.

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Kabrhel Peeks, Caza Peeks Back

On Day 1c in Level 11 (1,000/2,500/2,500), Martin Kabrhel's antics continued in The Bahamas and the latest incident caused a holdup at Table 30 with warnings of one-round penalties for two players.

According to those around the table, action folded to Kabrhel in the small blind and he eyed Steven Caza's stack in the big blind as Caza peeled his cards. Concerned that Kabrhel may have taken a peek at his cards, Caza peeked right back to lead Kabrhel to call for the floor.

A separate issue presented itself as Kabrhel and another player at the table spoke in another language, causing further concern to Caza. "What if they are saying 'I folded the five of hearts?'" he told the floor.

The floor ruled that the hand would play out and warned all players to only speak English at the table.

"And it's OK he maybe see my hand?" asked Kabrhel.

Kabrhel then raised to 4,000 and Caza pulled his hoodie over his mouth before calling. Kabrhel checked on the flop of KK9 and Caza checked back. Kabrhel then bet 3,000 on the J turn and Caza folded.

Varis Rivers Royal Flush

On Day 2 in Level 19 (10,000/15,000/15,000), reporter Jeremy Geist saw Aku Varis moe all in for 175,000 from middle position before the action folded all the way to Kesiena Otite in the big blind who called for less.

Aku Varis: K10Kesiena Otite: AQ

Varis needed some help and the AQ10 flop only put Otite in a commanding lead. The 7 turn was a total brick but hope was not lost for Varis who could hit a jack or a spade to win. Lucky for him, he got both.

The miracle J hit the river giving Varis the Royal Flush and sending Otite to the rail.

Full House Jams Into Quads for the KO!

Geist caught another big Day 2 hand in Level 23 (25,000/50,000/50,000) when action folded to Lewis Spencer in the small blind who opened to 85,000 and got a call from Goran Mandic in the big blind.

The 68A flop landed and Spencer continued for 50,000. Mandic called and the K rolled off on the turn.

Spencer sat in the tank for a moment and then put out another bet of 110,000. Mandic called again.

The A hit the river and after a moment of thought, Spencer moved all in. Mandic snap-called having Spencer covered by a few blinds.

Spencer tabled KK for a boat but Mandic tabled a perfectly slow-played AA for quads to send Spencer and his scarf to the payout line.


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