Svarozhits Takes Down Last 888poker Mystery Bounty Main Event Before the XL Winter Series

Svarozhits Takes Down Last 888poker Mystery Bounty Main Event Before the XL Winter Series

The 888poker XL Winter Series is only days away, and players are hoping to go into the $2 million guaranteed festival in hot form. Montenegro's "Svarozhits" is doing precisely that after they came out on top in the final $109 Mystery Bounty Main Event before the XL Winter Series kicks off in earnest this coming weekend.

Including re-entries, 1,172 players bought into the latest Mystery Bounty Main Event, ensuring the $100,000 guarantee was beaten by an impressive $117,200. Day 1 concluded with only eight players in the hunt for the title and with the largest mystery bounties having found new homes.

"c0rbl1meguv" busted in 95th place, but not before claiming a $3,000 bounty. Denmark's "bagedag" fell one place later having also opened an envelope containing a $3,000 prize. However, it was 14th place finisher, "ingeruRO14" of Romania who reeled in the largest mystery bounty, one worth $10,000! Add that to their other bounties and regular prize pool award, and "ingeruRO14" walked away with $11,676, the most of any other player.

$100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event Final Table Chip Counts

RankPlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
1philbert32United Kingdom5,145,710129

The final table lost its first player ten minutes into proceedings. "YAMAHA1311" opened with a nine big blind raise, with pocket sixes under the gun, leaving themselves 1.1 big blinds behind. The action fell to "DelPieroooo" in the small blind and they shoved; "YAMAHA1311" called and was shown ace-king. Pocket sixes remained good on the flop, but an ace on the turn was enough to see "YAMAHA1311" crash out.

A short-stacked "edtastlez92" was the next player heading for the exits. The action folded to them in the cutoff, and they open-shoed for 6.1 big blinds with pocket queens. "DelPieroooo" called on the button with ace-seven. Like in the previous elimination hand, an ace landed on the turn, and the player count was reduced by one.

The final six became five with the shock exit of "philbert32." Their demise was a shock because they had over 80 big blinds when six-handed play began, and was the chip leader. They lost more than half their stack with ace-king versus the suited ace-king of "gremistaAAKs" thanks to the flop falling all diamonds, with the chips going in preflop. They got the rest of their stack into the middle with ace-jack and lost, ironically, to the ace-king of diamonds in the hands of "DelPieroooo."

Sweden's "iwantjob" bowed out before "philbert32"'s seat had gone cold. "gremistaAAKs" opened on the button, "iwantjob" three-bet all-in from the small blind for 9.4 big blinds with suited king-jack, and "gremistaAAKs" called with suited ace-four. Neither player paired their hole cards, and "gremistaAAKs" scooped the pot courtesy of their ace-kicker.

Four-handed play lasted almost 40 minutes, ending with the demise of "dedect888." They were left with less than one big blind after losing with ace-queen versus the pocket sixes of "gremistaAAKs," and busted the very next hand.

Five minutes after "gremistaAAKs" busted, the final three players discussed the possibility of a deal. A deal was agreed after some deliberation, and play resumed to decide the eventual champion and the final bounties.

Third place went to "gremistaAAKs" after a losing a coinflip with ace-ten versus the pocket sevens of "Svarozhits." That hand gave "Svarozhits" a four-to-one chip advantage over their final opponent.

It took less than ten minutes for "Svarozhits" to press home their advantage. The final hand saw "DelPieroooo" unable to find a fold with second-pair after "Svarozhits" set them all-in on the river having turned a heart flush.

$100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event Final Table Results

RankPlayerCountryBountiesPrizeTotal Prize
6philbert32United Kingdom$1,159$2,136$3,296

*reflects a three-handed deal

XL Winter Series Starts January 14

The eagerly anticipated 888poker XL Winter Series begins this Sunday, January 14, with the firs three of 35 numbered events. Those events are the $55 buy-in $40,000 Mini Opening, the $109 buy-in $120,000 guaranteed Opening, and a $525 buy-in High Roller Opening that has $50,000 guaranteed.

Running alongside that trio of tournaments are three side events plus Day 1s for the $25 buy-in Mystery Bounty Mini Main Event that has $100,000 guaranteed and the $888 buy-in Mystery Bounty Main Event with its juicy $1 million guaranteed prize pool.

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