Will Ethan Rampage Yau Win a $100,000 Pot with Pocket Aces?

Will Ethan Rampage Yau Win a $100,000 Pot with Pocket Aces?

Last year on Hustler Casino Live, Ethan "Rampage" Yau found himself in a dream spot as he has pocket aces against Boston Jimmys pocket kings! Can he find a way to win all of Jimmys chips and a $100,000 pot?

In this strategy column, I'll discuss when you should look to use a larger raise size pre-flop when you are out of position to reduce your opponents implied odds and to reduce the stack-to-pot ratio, as well as the variables you should consider when deciding on an optimal bet size.

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The hand kicked off with Adam22 raising to $300 from under the gun with K10 before Boston Jimmy three-bet to $1,000 from the next seat with KK. Action then folded to Rampage in the third blind with AA and he four-bet to $4,500. Adam22 folded and Boston Jimmy called.

Adam22's open is a little loose but Boston Jimmy's three-bet with kings is standard. Rampage's four-bet may look big, but you want to raise big from out of position to deny your opponent pot odds. In position, Boston Jimmy should almost always call and almost never re-raise.

The flop landed 1085 and Rampage continued with a pot-sized bet of $10,000. Boston Jimmy called with his overpair.

Boston Jimmy is in a tough spot because he almost always has the best hand here and there are a lot of turn cards that could hurt him. But, with $35,325 behind, he is too deep to shove for protection, so I like his call.

The turn brought the J and Rampage shoved to put Boston Jimmy all in. Boston Jimmy went in the tank as the commentator noted that Boston Jimmy might be tilted from losing a big hand with aces earlier in the stream.

When the turn brings the jack, Rampage now loses to hands like queen-nine and pocket jacks. That said, I think Rampage has an easy shove in this scenario, given that his hand is likely best but vulnerable.

What would you do with pocket kings in this scenario?

Boston Jimmy eventually found a fold against the lunatic that is Rampage Poker and managed to save himself $35,000. That's a bad result for Rampage because it is important to stack your opponent whenever you gets aces versus kings.

For more on this hand check out my breakdown in the following video:

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